November 17, 2017

Why a Periodontist in Boston Recommends Scaling & Root Planing

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portrait of a smiling womanWhen you hear that you need a special treatment from any type of medical professional, you want to be absolutely sure it’s something that’s really necessary before forging ahead.

Scaling and root planing, aka a “deep cleaning” is a treatment a dentist or periodontist in Boston uses to treat gum disease, and in most cases it’s a very effective tool for reducing chronic gum inflammation.

Keep reading to learn more about why you may have been told you need scaling and root planing — and what to do now to ensure you receive the very best treatment moving forward.

What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing (SRP) is a treatment in which your periodontist or trained hygienist uses special tools to clean above and below the gum line, removing bacteria and smoothing out the root’s surface to prevent the risk of reinfection.

SRP is often completed over the course of two visits to the periodontist or dental hygienist, and it may be combined with antibiotic treatment to more effectively treat the infection.

When SRP Is Needed

Gum disease is caused by buildup of bacteria in pockets between your teeth and gums. We call these spaces “periodontal pockets,” and they become deeper as the disease progresses. During a routine checkup and cleaning, your hygienist will measure the depth of any pockets with a probe to determine whether or not you need gum disease treatment. X-rays also indicate whether or not there has been bone loss caused by gum disease. Once the spaces measure 4 millimeters or when bone loss is observed, you will likely be advised to undergo SRP.

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