A Healthy Diet for Happy Teeth

According to an article by the ADA, “Many dentists are concerned that their patients are consuming record numbers of sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, and non-nutritious snacks that affect their teeth.” Poor choices in your diet can lead to tooth decay. Did you know that when sugar meets plaque, an acid forms and attacks teeth for up to 20 minutes?

Common consequences of an unhealthy diet are weight gain, low energy, and weak bones, but what about teeth? Snack-happy Americans are notorious for eating all the wrong things at the wrong times, loading the body with sugars that pass through the teeth before moving on to deteriorate overall health. Next time you order a cola or sweet beverage, remember that up to 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving will throw a party with the plaque in your mouth, and you may end up spending hours in the dental chair.

How can you avoid this fate? Drink water – up to 10 glasses per day - and choose nutritious snacks like raw fruits and veggies, nuts, cheese, plain yogurts, and boiled eggs. With consistency, evidence shows that a healthy diet will not only rescue your teeth, but also revitalize your metabolism, reduce body fat, and improve physical endurance, mental alertness, and well being.