July 15, 2021

4 Signs That You Need New Veneers

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Multiple veneers being placed on the teeth

The average porcelain veneer will last about 10 years, but some people are able to keep them for 20 years or more with proper care. In other words, the lifespan of your veneers will not be set in stone. The one thing that you can be sure of, however, is that sooner or later you will need to get new restorations to maintain your beautiful smile. If you notice any of the 4 signs listed below, you should get in touch with your dentist quickly to ask about replacing veneers.

1. Visible Damage or Wear

Veneers are normally made out of porcelain, which makes them quite durable. Unfortunately, “durable” is not the same as “indestructible.” Your veneers will become worn down over time, especially if you treat them roughly such as by chewing overly hard foods. At some point, they may become damaged to the point where they suffer from highly visible chips and cracks, which is a sure sign that you need new ones as soon as possible.

2. Cavities Forming on the Tooth Supporting the Veneer

A veneer doesn’t prevent cavities. Bacteria can still slip under the space between the restoration and the tooth to start attacking the enamel. Excessive decay that has gone untreated for too long can weaken the tooth to the point that the veneer starts to separate from the surface. Your dentist will have to remove the veneer in order to treat the cavity underneath; once that’s done, you’ll receive a new restoration.

3. Gum Recession

If you don’t keep your veneers clean, the accumulated bacteria can eventually infect the nearby gum tissue, thus causing gum disease. This condition can eventually cause the gumline to recede, meaning there will be visible space between the veneers and the gums. After the oral health issues have been dealt with, new veneers will have to be applied.

4. Significant Discomfort

Some minor discomfort and sensitivity are to be expected after implant placement, but they should only last a few days. If you’re experiencing a significant amount of pain, or if the discomfort doesn’t fade after a few days, it might mean that something is wrong. Your dentist should have a look at the tooth immediately to see what the issue is; if it’s the veneer itself that’s causing the problem, you’ll likely need to get a new one.

Veneer replacement is something you’ll have to deal with sooner or later after your cosmetic treatment, and keeping an eye out for problems can help you stay ahead of the curve. Talk to your dentist about other warning signs you should know about as well as strategies for making veneers last.

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