August 15, 2023

Vanishing Veneers: What to Do If One Falls Out

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Zoom in of bonding being applied to a dental veneer

Porcelain veneers are a beautiful and functional method to mask imperfections in your smile. These thin, porcelain shells are attached to the front of your teeth to hide flaws as well as enhance your appearance. They’re incredibly durable and can last up to 10 years, but they’re not entirely infallible. It’s possible for them to break or separate from your tooth, which can leave you feeling anxious about what to do next. Keep reading to learn about 5 steps to take if your veneer has come out of place!

Step #1: Gather It Up

Although they’re chip-resistant, it’s still possible for the ceramic cover to break. Sometimes you’ll need to find and collect multiple smaller fractures, but it’s possible that it’s still in one large piece. Either way, do your best to find what broke off, rinse it gently, and keep it in a clean container. Don’t try to store it in your mouth because this can be a choking hazard.

Step #2: Call Your Dentist

It’s not considered a dental emergency when a veneer breaks or falls off, but your dentist will still need to see you as soon as possible to protect your now-exposed tooth. They’ll schedule an appointment for you and may even provide additional care instructions over the phone for you to follow while you wait.

Step #3: Be Cautious

Because some enamel must be removed from your tooth to place a veneer, once it’s gone, you might experience some sensitivity to incredibly hot or cold foods and drinks. You might also notice a rough sensation against your lips and tongue where the shell was bonded, so just be careful if you eat anything before you get to the dentist.

Step #4: Don’t Replace It

If you’re having tooth-sensitivity, it can be tempting to try to glue your veneer back into place. You shouldn’t try to replace it yourself, though, because you could potentially damage both it as well as the underlying pearly white. Furthermore, you don’t have the right products to safely reattach it. Glue is toxic to humans, and probably won’t even be effective at keeping your dental work in place. If you’re uncomfortable, place a layer of dental wax over the vulnerable tooth, instead, to smooth over the rough edges for an added layer of protection.

Step #5: Repair Your Veneer

Once you get to the dentist, they’ll examine your condition to try to determine why your veneer fell off. There are a number of causes such as grinding your teeth, tooth decay, improper bonding, or negligence. They’ll work with you to address any underlying concerns before repairing or replacing it.

Though it rarely happens, now you’ll know what to do if your veneer ever falls out!

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