Visit the Cigna Dentist in Boston

Dental insurance is a wonderful benefit that contributes to a healthy, long-lasting smile. If you and your family are covered under Cigna dental insurance, we are happy to accept your plan! Kraft & Schrott Dental Associates is in-network with a number of insurance providers, and Cigna is one of the most popular. Let us know if you are covered by Cigna dental insurance when you call to schedule your first appointment, and we will get your information and help you make the most out of your coverage. Learn more from your Cigna dentist in Boston!

How Dental Insurance Works

Dental insurance works like a plan that completely covers or gives you significant discounts on the treatments you need to maintain a happy, healthy smile. Preventive dentistry is usually the foundation of all dental insurance plans. Checkups and cleanings are normally fully covered, along with a set of x-rays and maybe fluoride treatments or dental sealants.

Visiting a dentist who is in-network with your insurance provider is the best way to minimize out-of pocket expense. Your dentists at Kraft & Schrott Dental Associates are in-network with Cigna, meaning we have come to an agreement with the company to provide pre-determined services at a certain rate. You will pay any amount you owe at the time you receive services. Then, our office will file and follow-up on the claim to make sure everything goes through correctly. Our dental office receives payment directly from the insurance provider later on.

Making the Most Out of Your Plan

Whether you are covered under Cigna insurance individually or if you receive your coverage through your employer, someone pays a sizable amount for your dental insurance plan every month. We can help you maximize on this investment in your oral health by discussing the particulars of your coverage and the treatments that would serve you best.

Above all, the best way to ensure you are making the most out of your plan is by scheduling and attending at least two checkups and cleanings per year.

Beyond your preventive dental treatments, your dental insurance should cover a significant portion of any restorative dentistry services you need, including crowns, dental implants and tooth-colored fillings. You may even receive coverage on a portion of your cosmetic dentistry treatments and orthodontics. Our team of experts will help you understand just which services you are eligible for when you contact us to schedule an appointment.

Schedule an Appointment with the Cigna Dentist

Patients who have dental insurance are likely to experience better dental health thanks to regular prevention. Your Cigna dentist in Boston is at 25 New Chardon Street, and we can’t wait to see you! Make the most out of Cigna dental insurance by contacting us to schedule a checkup and cleaning at Kraft & Schrott Dental Associates today.