Dental Implants

Once you and one of our implant dentists have determined that you are a qualified candidate for dental implants—and that these are indeed the best tooth replacement option for you—then your unique needs will dictate which type of implant procedure is best. The options are:

Single Tooth Implant

If you are missing one tooth due to decay, gum disease, or injury, we can replace that tooth with a single dental implant. Our periodontist, Dr. Alexander Schrott will place a titanium post in your jawbone beneath the open socket of your missing tooth. Over a period of a few weeks this implant and the surrounding bone tissue will fuse to form a solid foundation for your new porcelain crown, which will be placed by one of our highly skilled restorative dentists.

Multiple Teeth Implants

If you are missing more than one tooth, whether those teeth are consecutive or not, your complete and healthy smile can be restored with several dental implants. Our team of highly skilled implant specialists will be able to determine the number of implants you need to firmly support your tooth restorations. Dental implants may be used to support fixed implant rehabilitations such as bridges or hybrid prostheses, which are custom designed in a dental laboratory to fit perfectly alongside your remaining teeth. Likewise, multiple implants can be used to secure a partial denture. You’ll never have to worry about your partial coming lose when you smile, talk or eat.

Implant Retained Dentures

For our patients who are already wear full dentures, as well as those who have recently lost all of their teeth along one or both arches, we offer implant retained dentures. Traditional dentures rest on top of the gums and are held in place by suction, the muscles of the cheeks and tongue and when necessary, denture adhesive. Implant-retained dentures are secured to dental implants by snapping onto implant attachments, which hold the dentures firmly on your implants.


With the All-on-4 dental implant concept you can have a new smile in just one day. Our periodontist, Dr. Alexander Schrott will place four implants along your arch of missing teeth. Even for our patients who have been missing all of their teeth for some time and have suffered bone loss as a result, All-on-4 can usually support a complete denture without necessitating bone graft surgery. Once the implants are in place, our prosthodontist, Dr. Sharon Schrott can immediately attach your new custom made denture, which you’ll wear day and night. 

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