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May 3, 2018

Your Boston Dentist Discusses Dental Treatment & Pregnancy

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pregnant woman smilingMaintaining your health during pregnancy is of the utmost importance for you and your baby. That means taking care of your smile as much as the rest of your body, and given the hormone fluctuations that can affect oral health during pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers visit their Boston dentist at least once. Preventive dental care is not only safe when you are expecting — it’s vital!


April 2, 2018

Don’t Skip Brushing Your Tongue — Here’s Why

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smile with toothbrushHow well are you brushing your teeth? Cleaning around your teeth and gums is important but don’t ignore your tongue, says your dentist in Boston. Bacteria can live and multiply here just as easily as it can throughout the rest of the mouth – in fact the tongue is the biggest reservoir for bacteria in the mouth and for many people, that means bad breath. Even though your tongue can’t develop cavities, having a safe space for bacteria to hide out makes it easier for it to latch onto the tooth enamel and around the gums, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s VIP to brush your tongue, and when it’s time to see a dentist for chronic bad breath!


March 2, 2018

When to See Your Boston Dentist for a Dental Emergency

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man with toothacheA “dental emergency” is anything that is bleeding, broken, or causing you pain in the mouth — and it’s not anything you can plan for. When you or a loved one has an urgent situation, it’s time to see your Boston dentist ASAP. Delaying treatment can cause small problems to turn into larger issues in quick succession. Our office is well-equipped to handle dental emergencies, and we can have you out of pain and on your way faster than you’d probably expect. What classifies as a dental emergency, though? We’ve got the information on that (and more) below.


February 9, 2018

How Fluoride Can Help With Tooth Sensitivity

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young woman at the dentistHaving sensitive teeth can make it difficult to enjoy some of life’s greatest pleasures, like a scoop of ice cream in the summertime or your cup of hot coffee every morning. Unfortunately, many people experience tooth sensitivity. Brushing with certain toothpastes can help, and so can a topical fluoride treatment — keep reading to learn more about tooth sensitivity and how your dentist in Boston uses fluoride to treat it.


January 14, 2018

Your Boston Dentist On How Fluoride Can Stop Sensitivity

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portrait of an older coupleMany people experience tooth sensitivity in response to hot and cold stimuli. People with extreme sensitivity may even wince in response to a sharp gust of wind that touches their teeth. Are you someone who dreads ice cream or hot coffee because of the discomfort it causes? If so, your Boston dentist can help with something that you may not have considered: fluoride. Keep reading to learn how this mineral can help to strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent uncomfortable sensitivity.


December 16, 2017

Your Cosmetic Dentist on What to Know About Teeth Whitening

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close-up of a beautiful smileTeeth whitening is a wonderful way to transform the appearance of your smile without having to invest a significant amount of time or money. Doing your research first will help you feel confident knowing the treatment is right for you and your smile. Most adults can greatly benefit from professional teeth whitening — keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this treatment! Your cosmetic dentist in Boston has put together a teeth whitening FAQ to help you make the best decision on teeth whitening.


November 17, 2017

Why a Periodontist in Boston Recommends Scaling & Root Planing

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portrait of a smiling womanWhen you hear that you need a special treatment from any type of medical professional, you want to be absolutely sure it’s something that’s really necessary before forging ahead.


October 30, 2017

Your Boston Dentist on How Your Teeth Change With Age

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woman smiling on a sunlit porchAs the saying goes, with age comes wisdom and a finer appreciation for the little things in life — and those are two big reasons to smile past 50. But your Boston dentist knows older adults are also at a higher risk of developing several oral health problems as they age. The risk of gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth, and oral cancer are higher for older adults. Keep reading to learn more about these key problems — and how you can prevent them — from the Kraft & Schrott Dental Associates Team.


September 30, 2017

Boston Dentist Reminds You of Gum Disease’s Impact

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family embracing on sofaAlmost half of Americans have some form of gum disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

That’s a significant number — and it’s one too many people overlook, says your Boston dentist. After all, you’d be pretty alarmed if you knew almost 50% of people had a disease linked to uncontrolled diabetes, heart problems, and memory loss, wouldn’t you?


August 31, 2017

Periodontist in Boston on Link Between Diabetes, Gum Disease

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couple embracingIt’s important to know about how your overall well-being can affect or be affected by what’s going on in your mouth. Because your gums provide an easy entry into the bloodstream, your periodontal (gum) health is especially important for keeping the rest of your body strong. Your periodontist in Boston wants people who do not have their blood glucose levels under control to be especially aware of the increased risk for developing gum disease.


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